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Soham Sinha is a Systems software engineer and researcher at Nvidia. His research focuses on time-critical operating systems and software design. He currently works on Nvidia's operating system and hypervisor design for the Holoscan computing platform. In his doctoral thesis, he proposed a new design and implementation of a centralized multicore vehicle operating system, DriveOS. He has previously worked on real-time task scheduling algortihms, progress-aware predictable program executation, predictable I/O and virtualized real-time systems. He also dabbled in performance of cloud-storage services and enterprise-scale software.

(The above para is for the Google Bot. I am not really a fan of writing in third person about me.)
I completed my PhD from the Department of Computer Science at Boston University (BU) under the guidance of Prof. Rich West (BU had been one of the Top 5 US schools and Top 10 universities in the world, in the embedded and real-time systems research area for the five years leading up to 2022 when I graduated). Prof. Paul Lu and Prof. Di Niu advised me for Master of Science in Computing Science at the University of Alberta. I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology from IIEST, Shibpur (formerly BESU) where Prof. Manas Hira introduced me to the interesting bits of CS. I also interned at Google (Cambridge, MA, USA) and Intel (Austin, TX, USA) in two summers of my PhD studies, and worked at Ericsson (Kolkata, WB, India) for two years.

I love writing code for the fun of it. I also like writing in general, especially in my native language Bengali. I love music (of different kinds, but mostly contemporary Bengali songs, folk, and a bit of psychedelic Rock), economics, politics and (intermittently) reading books.

A small note: A great part of the small accomplishments mentioned in this website is due to a collective effort of the people and the groups that I have worked with, the larger society and luck.

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