AuthoRanker displays the number of papers in a conference by an author, sorted by the paper count. It helps you find the top researchers in certain areas and conferences. It is inspired by TopResearcher. It uses DBLP to get the data. It only counts the papers which have at least 6 pages. Currently, it just enlists the Systems conferences.

AuthoRanker, in no way, tries to promote the number of papers as a metric to judge the merit of a researcher. AuthoRanker quantifies the paper count of the researchers and possibly find and explore trends. For example, interesting point to look at is the size and reach of certain areas in terms of the number of total authors. Also see the number of authors on average that was needed to write a paper in different sub-areas. I will soon include an author name search feature.

AuthoRanker is still not ready to be called a "polished release", maybe a pre-alpha release. I will release the source code very soon, which might ultimately turn into a nice Python DBLP API. In the meantime, I would love feedback at soham1 < AT > bu < DOT > edu .

List of conferences:

Real-time Systems
General Operating Systems
Computer Architecture and Systems
Mobile Systems
Systems Security
Database Systems